Southeastern Regional Meeting 2016


Undergraduate Poster Session Winners

Session 1 

1st Place  319: Investigating antimicrobial properties of human galectin-9,  Justin Van Riper Erskine 

1st Place 324: Identification of a membrane interacting region with human perforin: A Chimeric approach, William  Hiester  Armstrong State University

 2nd Place: 284: Characterization of the N 5-methyl-formaidopyrimidine-deoxyguanosine lesion,  Hope Pan Vanderbilt University 

2nd Place 292: Nature of the proposed anti-hyperglycemic (III) malate, Megan Smart University of Alabama Tuscaloosa 

2nd Place 312: Modification of fabric surfaces to prevent biofouling, Shaquana Douglas Johnson C. Smith University

3rd 290: Spectroscopic characterization of flutamide-polymer (PVP) interaction: Improving bioavailability of drug molecules, Henry Nickson Claflin University 

Session 2

1st Place 446: The Use of Fluorescence Anisotropy to Study Ligand Binding Events,             Caroline Donaghy Appalachian State University

1st Place 447: Crowding and the activation free energy of protein folding and unfolding,             Gerardo Perez Goncalves University North Carolina Chapel Hill

2nd Place 371: Structural and luminescent properties of co-crystals of pyridyl bis-urea macrocycle and naphthalene disulfonic acid salts, Jessica Shue University of South Carolina 

2nd Place 427 Photoacoustic effect of ethylene: Sound generation due to optically thick plant hormone gases,  David Ide University of Tennessee Chattanooga

3rd 424:  Indirect determination of enzyme kinetics using capillary electrophoresis with chemiluminescence detection, Blake Seaton Appalachian State University

Session 3 

1st Place 518: Synthetic strategies for anchoring Fe(II)-Ti(IV) dyes onto TiO2 for use in dye sensitized solar cells, Alexis Myers Furman University

2nd 491: Ultra performance liquid chromatography mass spectrometry of ribonucleosides,             Jennifer Simpson University of North Carolina Greensboro

3rd Place 526: Hydrogen evolution catalyzed by a cobalt complex containing an asymmetric Schiff-Base ligand, Jessica Armstrong  College William and Mary


Awards were presented at the Undergraduate Luncheon on Tuesday by Nobel Laureate Martin Chalfie and were sponsored by Eastman and SC-EPSCoR.