Southeastern Regional Meeting 2016


SERMACS 2016 Symposia by Division



TitleOrganizer(hotlink to email)    
ANLYAdvances in Forensic ChemistrySteve Morgan   
ANYLChemical Applications of ChemometricsSteve Morgan   
ANYL/POLY   Scattering Measurements of Polymers and NanomaterialsMorgan Stefik   

Cutting Edge of Biological Inorganic Chemistry

John DawsonAmy Rogers

BIOLFrontiers in Nucleic Acids W. David Wilson, Markus Germann   
BIOL Plenary/ Martin CHalfie: Green Fluorescent Protein Angela Peters    
BIOLStructural and Functional Characterization of ProteinsMaks Chruszcz   
BMGTSecrets and Strategies for Successfully Commercializing Chemical Ideas Terry Say & Ed Yokel   
CATLCatalysis and BiocatalysisTom Makris   
CATLElectrocatalysis Aaron Vanucci   
CATL Structure-Property Relationship of Nanoscale Materials Thomas VogtHuie WangAndrew Greytak,Donna Chen   
CHEDHigh School Chemistry: New Approaches to Catalyze Change for YOU!!!Regis Goode, Laura Slocum   
CHEDReform Pedagogy in Undergraduate ChemistryChris Dockery, Gretchen Potts   
COLLSynthesis and Application of Biofunctional NanomaterialsQian Wang    
COMP Dynamics of Molecular Processes: Theory, Simulations, Insight   Sonya Garashchuk   
COMPElectronic Structure: Concepts and ApplicationsVitaly Rassolov   
ENVREmerging Environmental Contaminants. Susan Richardson   
ENVR-AGROFinding Solutions to Environmental Challenges in AgricultureLaura McConnell, Jiafan Wang   
I&EC Realities of the Chemistry Industry: Career Opportunities & Paths Mary K. Engelman   
INORSmall-molecular Inorganic Chemistry in the Southeast: Honoring Jerome OdomJeff Boles, Judith Iriarte-Gross   
INORMetal Complexes of Scorpionate and Related LigandsDan Reger   
INOR-MATLSupramolecular Assemblies and Metal-Organic FrameworksNatalia  Shustova   
NUCLNuclear Power and Safety Daniel Cain   
ORGNAsymmetric Chemistry throughout the SoutheastSheryl Wiskur, Kimberly Peterson   
ORGN Cope Symposium/Miguel Garcia-Garibay: Molecules to Functional Supermolecular MaterialsLinda Shimizu   
ORGNMolecules to Functional Supermolecular MaterialsLinda Shimizu   
POLYNew Chemistry Toward Functional Polymeric MaterialsChuanbing Tang   
WCCWomen Chemists in the SoutheastJudy Iriarte-Gross, Tabitha Faulks 


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