Southeastern Regional Meeting 2016


Effective Chemical Management: A Risk-Based Perspective for the CHO

Monday October 24 8:30-5:00  

Carolina Wren Room at the Hilton 

Workshop Description

NEW Content for 2016!

This workshop will present a detailed analysis of the Chemical Hygiene Officer position for CHOs in both large-scale and small-scale environments.  The course will briefly cover the relevant regulatory landscape (OSHA Lab Standard and RCRA) and set into best management practices for the Chemical Hygiene Officer.  We will discuss:

·         Essential reference materials

·         Fundamental exposure assessment and control (including ventilation)

·         Fundamental risk assessment

·         Change management in a research environment

·         Basic emergency response and how to say off the 6 PM News.

There will be plenty of opportunity for questions and follow up by e-mail.

Topics covered:

Introduction:  What is a “Chemical Hygiene Officer”…really?

The regulatory landscape

OSHA Lab Standard

OSHA General Industry Standard

RCRA and Waste Management

Your responsibilities

Developing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Lunch – on your own

Laboratory Hazards and Control

Hazard identification and risk management

Risk assessment tools:

      The LabRAT

      Lab What-If

      Other tools that may be used

Application of the LabRAT and other tools to the research environment

Exposure and overexposure in normal operations

Evaluating exposure – an overview

Communicating Risk using the “Bow-tie” method  ß New Content for 2016!

Controlling change in a research environment

Laboratory Emergencies

Emergency preparedness

The first and second rules of emergency response

Spills and spill response

Fire and Fire response

Additional Workshop Content (if desired by the class)
            Developing your Chemical Hygiene Plan

            Introduction to the Globally Harmonized System