Southeastern Regional Meeting 2016


Chemical Educators: Safety Concerns and Your Personal Liability


As a busy educator, it is likely that one of the last things you are thinking of is the importance and need for a robust risk management policy. However, we have all heard of chemical lab fires and accidents and law suits relating to them. The ACS Member Insurance Program is hosting a seminar that will address the unique liability risks Chemical Educators may encounter.  Presented by nationally renowned safety expert Dr. William (Jack) Breazeale, this one-hour workshop will highlight safety strategies to help avoid accidents.  Participants will also learn about the major features of the new ACS Chemical Educators Legal Liability plan.  The plan, underwritten by Lloyd’s of London and developed specifically for ACS, AACT and AIChE Members, covers areas excluded by standard educators’ liability plans such as Contingent Bodily Injury and Pollution Liability. 


Tuesday, October 25 9:15 AM Carolina Wren Room @ the Hilton

Speaker: Dr. William (Jack) Breazeale


Sponsored by the ACS Member Insurance Program